Night Driving in Small Towns – Serial Killer

January 01, 1970

40 Records)


Atlanta, GA
duo of Andrea Rogers and Colby Wright are off to a terrific start on Serial
, their debut record. No surprise as the two have been writing songs
together for nearly a decade. The band mines spare indie rock territory with a
gentle, simple and occasionally haunting sound that’s usually built upon a
simple riff while Andrea’s vocals float on top.


record opens with the eerie “February” which starts off with a simple drumbeat
and a single keyboard note while both sing in a slightly eerie tone. The next
two songs, “Barstool” and “Kick”, are both more melodic and upbeat while “Get
Free” begins like a minimal pop song but then turns joyous and anthemic and
“All Together Now” is as triumphant as its title with a perfect, loping melody
and Rogers’
soaring vocals. The record can get a bit precious at times and the duet on
“Duet Song” was a bit hokey (banjo and all) but most of Serial Killer is
the kind of stuff that makes you want to cheer for this band while the songs
play over and over again.


Standout Tracks: “Barstool”, “Kick”, “All Together Now”, “Serial Killer”


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