Album: Holly

Artist: Nick Waterhouse

Label: Innovative Leisure

Release Date: March 04, 2014

Nick Waterhouse 3-4


 While chart toppers like Bruno Mars and Sharon Jones may have scored big points with the public in their modern interpretation of classic R&B, it’s likely that they’ll soon have to make room on that upper tier for Nick Waterhouse, a 28 year old Southern California native who’s become something of a pop Svengali in his native environs. Aside from a well-received debut LP Time’s All Gone, he’s mostly made his name working with the likes of Ty Segall, the Allah Las and other staples of the local psych/garage scene.

 However, with Holly, Waterhouse really comes into his own, branding himself as a retro crossover crooner whose immediate intent appears intended to instigate a ‘60s soul revival. That becomes quickly apparent on the brass punctuated “High Tiding,” the bluesy shuffle of “This Is A Game” and “Well It’s Fine,” and the soulful set-up of “Hands on the Clock,” all of which sound as if they were manufactured in Memphis circa 1960. Still, it’s a fine line between emulating and intimidating. Fortunately, early indications are that Nick’s a class act, and very well suited to pursuing this classic tack.

 DOWNLOAD: “Hands on the Clock,” “High Tiding,” “This Is A Game”

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