New Mystery Girl – Twist City

January 01, 1970



For the better part of the past decade, Austin’s Chrissy Flatt recorded and toured
under her own name, earning plenty of “up-and-comer” notices along the way. A
year or so ago, however, she decided to shift gears and slip into the persona
of New Mystery Girl, and with the release of Twist City the level of regional attention appeared to accelerate
accordingly. With a fistful of glowing press notices in hand, Flatt’s now
rolling the album out nationally, and it absolutely deserves to take its
rightful place on the larger stage.


Featuring a host of Austin luminaries – among them, Eric
Hisaw, Freddie Krc, Brian Standefer, Ron Flynt and Lisa Pankratz – Twist City kick-starts things with “Drop
Dead Gorgeous” – literally, via the Shangri-Las-referencing sound of a
motorcycle, which leads directly into (appropriately enough) a sassy, saucy
slice of garage rock. The sonic trajectory duly established, our New Mystery
Girl duly charts a course down the road away from the Austin city limits and
into Brit-pop – by way of the Pretenders – territory (“Pirate Radio,” which namechecks
the Kinks and the Stones), “60s girl group/Brill Building pop (“Staring Down”),
rump-shaking surf/rockabilly (“Sally’s Rumble,” with the delightfully retro
lyric “now she’s learning the Rumba and she’s learning the Stroll”) and sweet,
Searchers-like jangle (“Dandelion Roars”).


This is not to say that she completely eschews the
territorial imperative to twang like a Texan. There’s plenty here for roots
aficionados to chew on – check the wallop ‘n’ crunch of the title track,
wherein Flatt purrs, growls and roars as if in acknowledgement of the CD’s back
sleeve manifesto “Passion, Lust, Adventure…”. Come to think of it, that’s a
good summary of the music itself. She’s your new mystery girl, at that.


DOWNLOAD: “Twist City,”
“Drop Dead Gorgeous,” “Sally’s Rumble” FRED MILLS

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