NEW MODEL ARMY – Between Wine and Blood

Album: Between Wine and Blood

Artist: New Model Army

Label: E.A.R. Music/Eagle Rock Entertainment

Release Date: September 16, 2014


 New Model Army 9-16


Almost a year to the day that New Model Army released their fastest-selling album in two decades, the critically-lauded Between Dog and Wolf, the veteran Post Punk band is back with a new album. Between Wine and Blood is a six-song EP, packaged with an 11-song, second CD of live cuts recorded on their 2013 tour.

The second half of that tour was aborted as drummer Michael Dean was sidelined with blood clots in his leg. Taking advantage of the time off, the band record six-new songs to stave off boredom and keep the momentum rolling. The result is pretty impressive.

Unlike like many (most?) of their counterparts in the ‘80s, New Model Army actually improved with age, not hitting their musical stride until the late ‘90s/early aughts, and one or two albums aside, continues to put out some of their best music. Between the Wine and Blood, is in lock step with last year’s release; Swirling, Gothic guitars and slow burn vocals. The band’s not treading new ground here, because there’s really no need for it.

The live record, comprised solely of songs off the last full length, is a good prelude for what fans can expect as the band finally gets back on the road, covering ground in Europe throughout the rest of the year.

 DOWNLOAD: “According to You” and “Sunrise”


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