Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Americana

January 01, 1970



Neil Young and Crazy Horse just never disappoint. Sure, such
similar sentiments are often expressed about legendary musicians even if the
artist sounds as if he is performing while under an old pickup truck changing
the oil.


That’s definitely not what is happening on his first album
with the Horse in 9 years. Fire up the electric guitars, pound those drums, and
swirl in the no-one-but-Neil-Young voice and you have rock versions of classic
folks songs – including “Oh Susanna,” “Tom Dula” and “Clementine” – that even
the coolest among us will want to blast out of car stereos all summer long.
That’s not to say that Young completely changes the tone of all the folk
standards he covers. “This Land is Your Land,” has its fair share of rockin’
guitars but it’s played in a way that many of us could recognize from our grade
school days.


Little doubt Young is still true to his anthem to keep us
‘Rockin’ in the Free World”- this time to Americana.


Susanna,” “Clementine” NANCY DUNHAM



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