Album: Goin' Your Way

Artist: Neil Finn + Paul Kelly

Label: Omnivore

Release Date: December 11, 2015

Finn Kelly 12-11

The Upshot: Document of the Down Under kings’ 2013 tour loaded with best-ofs and deep cuts.


New Zealand’s Neil Finn and Australia’s Paul Kelly, despite an amazing catalogue of songs between them, have long fallen out of step with modern music tastemakers. Like Paul Weller, Graham Parker and Nick Lowe, the duo are now simply playing music for the diehards who can appreciate subtle lyrics and sincere vocals over “song of the summer” hits. That’s what makes this double live album, finally released in the U.S., such a perfect record: it is crammed, 29 songs deep, with best-ofs and deep cuts from two strikingly talented musicians that have 82 years of making music between them with not a single gimmick in site.

Goin’ Your Way, at one point only available in Australia and New Zealand, was recorded on tour in 2013. Along with playing tracks from their solo careers, they take on some of Finn’s earlier efforts with Split Enz’s (“One Step Ahead,” “Message to My Girl”), Crowded House (“Don’t Dream It’s Over,” “Four Seasons in One Day”) and the Finn Brothers (“Won’t Give In,” “Better Be Home Soon”). There is almost instantaneous reaction from the crowd with the opening chords of each and every new song. As the music play out it’s simply astonishing just how many memorable tracks the two have contributed over the years, regardless of how many were actual “hits.”

In lieu of Finn and Kelly actually committing to a joint tour of the U.S., this exceptional two-disc live set will have to do.

DOWNLOAD: “She Will Have Her Way,” “For the Ages” and “Careless”



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