Myrick/Peacock – Myrick/Peacock

January 01, 1970



Danny Myrick and Alice Peacock subscribe to the old adage
that two heads are better than one, or, in this case, two voices… even though Peacock
in particular has maintained a solid solo career, one that’s reaped four albums
and a burgeoning fan following. Yet, that’s not the only traditional tack they
take, given a collaboration that hews a reliable country rock approach. The
duo’s debut doesn’t particularly expand any parameters in terms of its rootsy
template, but the urgency and emotion they instill in these songs affirms its
sturdy resilience.


The pair performs well in tandem, trading vocals via call
and response in “Great Big Love” and buffeting the tale of the two runaway
lovers of “Brave New World” as if relaying it from first hand experience.
There’s an agile blend of tenderness and tenacity at play here, from the raw
backwoods blues of “Distant Thunder” and the insolent rapid-fire rhymes of
“Sooner or Later,” to the heavenly gaze of “In All Things,” a song graced with
an inspiring refrain (“Hallelujah to the Lord above/Hallelujah for the Savior’s
love…”) Myrick/Peacock are indeed a compatible couple, and their partnership is
never more effective than when they pair their conviction and finesse.


All Things,” “Sooner of Later,” “Brave New World” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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