My Brightest Diamond – All Things Will Unwind

January 01, 1970

(Asthmatic Kitty)


Bravery may be a recurring
theme on My Brightest Diamond’s newest release, All Things Will Unwind (see songs “She Does Not Brave the War,” “Be
Brave,” and “Escape Routes”), fitting considering the woman behind the project,
Shara Worden, knows a thing or two about valor. Only a few, the gifted few,
could courageously puree together a blend of cabaret, orchestra, and highbrow
lyricism in a world still so heavily dependent on the basic rock-drums-bass
method. Yet Worden does “brave the war” and becomes quite the victor on All Things Will Unwind, the third studio
release and a wowing conclusion to the trifecta of work she has produced since


Formerly an Illinoismakers
(the name given to Sufjan Stevens’ musical entourage), Worden’s own worldly
flair far beyond the flatlands of working as a backup is her greatest strength.
On the aforementioned “She Does Not Brave the War” (really, listen to just this
one song on the album and tell us you’re not instantly affected), the soft
Parisian flair of Edith Piaf echoes through as a wild harp plucks at the
feathers of Worden’s songbird while the showstopper “High Low Middle” careens into
a bayou ragtime swing. Through 11 classic yet couture songs, Worden employs at
least three times as many instruments with great dexterity and volume, each one
perfectly implanted at the right moment in the vast operation.


From the first notes of opener
“We Added It Up,” the scavenger hunt begins, grabbing the identifiable scraps
to make a list that could somehow begin to describe Worden’s brand. A little of
Fiona Apple’s whimsy here, some of St. Vincent’s asymmetric composition there,
a touch of Regina Spektor’s lyrical riddles over there … sure we the listeners
could have “added it up” but it’s the second track “Reaching Through to the
Other Side” that fully explains Worden’s immeasurable and indescribable power.
By the time the album nears the end with the emotional, Streisand-esque “I Have
Never Loved Someone,” there’s not one who could be so unwilling as to give
their whole heart to Worden.



“She Does Not Brave the War,” “We Added It Up,” “High Low Middle” SELENA



See the current issue of BLURT (Wilco cover) for an
in-depth profile of Worden, including her history leading up to and including
as My Brightest Diamond.

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