My Best Fiend – In Ghostlike Fading

January 01, 1970



Warp Records
continues to build up a successful roster of rock-rooted acts with the recent
signing of Brooklyn’s My Best Fiend.


Nicking its name
from Werner Herzog’s 1999 documentary on his longtime leading man Klaus Kinski,
this Bushwick-born quintet originated as a duo consisting of singer/guitarist
Frederick Coldwell and Fender Rhodes scholar Kris Lindblade. The group
eventually expanded its boundaries with the addition of second keyboardist Paul
Jenkins, drummer Joseph Noll and bassist Damian Genuardi, formerly of the
defunct Boston
hardcore band The Explosion.  And with
this newly formed five-piece lineup in place, MBF surely go to places they had
never dreamed possible as a two-man act with the release of full-length debut In
Ghostlike Fading


Recorded at the
East Williamsburg, Brooklyn-based studio Vacation Island with in-demand indie
producer Matt Boyton (Gang Gang Dance, MGMT, Beirut), the album boasts soaring
atmospherics in key tracks “Higher Palms,” “Jesus Christ”
and “Cracking Eggs,” additionally suggesting deep roots in such seminal
‘90s LPs as Spiritualized’s Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space and
Stoned and Dethroned by The Jesus and Mary Chain, perhaps even a touch
of Cerulean from The Ocean Blue. And when channeled through the group’s
tapestry of effects pedals, treated amplifiers and editing programs, the
textures of this material will transport its listener in ways that few albums
of its ilk have achieved in recent memory, implementing the hallowed harmonies
embedded in the Sunday mornings of Coldwell’s Catholic upbringing to a new
level of impassioned cohesion.


By the time you
get to the epic album closer “On the Shores of the Infinite,” it just
might be enough to renew your own faith in the church of rock ‘n’ roll.


DOWNLOAD: “Higher Palms,” “Jesus
Christ,” “Cracking Eggs,” “On the Shores of the
Infinite” RON HART



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