MV Carbon – Dislodged Perihelion

January 01, 1970

(Ecstatic Peace!)


Not to be confused with MV
of Vermont’s freaky folkwaysian Everybody
Knows this is Nowhere
-slanted stoner gospel jamz duo MV & EE, MV Carbon
– she of the Noise-minded Metalux – sprays a glorious collage of relentless sounds
on Dislodged Perihelion.


A visual and conceptual artistic force, Carbon has joined forces with
countless purveyors in the thick experimental, noise and improv field including
Wolf Eyes’ John Wiese, NYC’s free-form psych-jazz duo White Out and saxophonist
Evan Parker. Inevitably, those titan influences have rubbed off on her. But
Carbon, no slouch herself, has groomed her own aesthetic and Dislodged Perihelion gives credence to that


An instrumentalist goddess,
MV Carbon mashes up a glorious splattering of sonic tape manipulations, synth
and cello squalls, processed schizoid vocals and drum machine beat thwacks back
dropped with a collage of ear-bleeder noise swirls-her experimental apeshitisms
makes likeminded sound twiddlers Black Dice seem positively ‘mersh in
comparison. That’s not to say Dislodged
is tuneless and aimless (it’s not). Underneath the discordant
pastiche of “Bound Forms,” Sidewalk Scrape” and ‘Human Silk,” Carbon skillfully
constructs a warbling, melodious foundation, albeit one immersed in gargling
noise. The LP is limited to a mere 300 slabs so all you vinyl aficionados get
cracking. This one’s a keeper.


DOWNLOAD: “Sidewalk






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