MUUY BIIEN – Age of Uncertainty

Album: Age of Uncertainty

Artist: Muuy Biien

Label: Autumn Tone

Release Date: October 28, 2016



Muuy Biien may have started out as an ambient solo project for frontman Joshua Evans, but you’d never know it from the sound of third album Age of Uncertainty. The Athens, GA quintet delves deep into throbbing postpunk, looking for gold in dirty back alleys and love in the darkest bars in town. “The Clocks,” “Skeleton Tissue” and “Moral Compass” crawl across the landscape like the shadows of approaching doom, the band sounding like a homegrown Bad Seeds while Evans croons like a sinister lothario. “In the Pits,” “Mara” and “Sike Song” reconnect the barroom tradition to its garage rock roots, kicking up the dust left behind by various Australian grime rock institutions. The title track takes the LP out on a dream, floating through the ether with nervous overtones appropriate to the title. Evans’ writing and vocal personality takes center stage, as might be expected from a project that evolved from his one-man-act, and it’s his performance that gives the songs their color – a strong instrumental foil, a la Rowland S. Howard was to Nick Cave, might give the tracks more power. But that’s a minor quibble for a record that stakes a claim for Muuy Biien zeroing in on the American noir rock throne.

DOWNLOAD: “The Clocks,” “Sike Song,” “Skeleton Tissue”

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