Muuy Biien 12/15/16, Denver

Dates: December 15, 2016

Location: Lost Lake Lounge, Denver, Colorado


Live at the Lost Lake Lounge, the Georgia band wowed a tiny crowd with noisy, angular post-punk.


Denver, you missed a great show. Last night the Athens quintet-playing-as-a-quartet Muuy Biien graced the stage at Lost Lake to a tiny crowd and played amazing, angular post-punk just like mom used to make. The songs were tight, noisy, and loud to every degree that such music is supposed to be, and the short-ish set was marked by accomplished guitar, bass, and drums skills across the board. Singer Joshua Evans’s manic Jagger-cum-Turretts delivery was a perfect fit for the music and vice-versa. But here’s what struck me: despite driving 24 hours from Seattle, despite only a few tiny Trump-sized handfuls of people showing up, the band played hard and gave every effort to make it a great show.



I can think of lots and lots (and lots) of bands that would phone it in at that point, disintegrating into the wonky stage banter and half-assed instrument plunking that turns an awkward, mostly empty room into a disturbingly awkward, mostly empty room. Not Muuy Biien last night. And if they fooled me, if they were in fact going through the motions, I’ll be the first in line to see them in front of a packed house when they decide to let it rip.

Muuy Biien’s latest album is Age Of Uncertainty on Autumn Tone. Go HERE to read our recent review of the record.

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