MOUNTAIN MOVERS — Mountain Movers

Album: Mountain Movers

Artist: Mountain Movers

Label: Trouble in Mind

Release Date: May 05, 2017

The Upshot: Whacked out jams, more melodic short ones, and a lot of fun.


Mountain Movers’ sixth, self-titled album starts and ends with extended whacked out jams, both “I Could Really See Things” and “Unknown Hours” stretching out in free-form, jet engine roar that swells and builds and falls apart into dissonant, amp-buzzing detritus of sound. The New Haven, CT-based four-piece — that’s Dan Greene singing and playing guitar, Rick Omonte on bass, Kryssi Battalene on guitar and Ross Menze on drums — has pursued an increasingly heavy, psychedelic groove, and this one, coming nearly a decade into the band’s run is evidently enough of a distillation of their aesthetic to carry Mountain Movers’ name.

In between these two monoliths, a trio of shorter, more melodically focused songs (plus one short, instrumental interval) nestle, the Sonic Youth (or really Lee Ranaldo) evoking “Everyone Cares,” the spun-out and trippy “Angels Don’t Worry” and the lone anthemic punk song, “Vision Television” which clocks in at 2:15 and punches like a Swell Maps song, with only a little psychedelic entropy at the bridge. It’s the best thing on the disc and the least like all the others. It’s not that the long drones aren’t worthy, more that they make you appreciate concision.

DOWNLOAD: “Vision Television”


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