MOUNTAIN GOATS – Transcendental Youth

January 01, 1970



John Darnielle became a father this summer, as he was
writing songs for Transcendental Youth.
Self-aware as always, Darnielle blogged that he was determined not to let
parenthood change his songwriting routine. “What am I going to do, suddenly
start writing songs about cute things instead of songs about how to wrest cries
of triumph from the screaming places?” Darnielle doesn’t scream as much as used
to, but Transcendental Youth is full
of first-person character studies of individuals struggling with their
screaming places (and sometimes discovering that those places offer solutions
instead of problems).


A sense of quiet triumph pervades: this may be the prettiest
Mountain Goats album yet. Although built on the core trio of Darnielle on
guitar and piano with bassist Peter Hughes and drummer Jon Wurster, many of the
dozen tracks feature horn arrangements from Matthew E. White, and they add soulful
swing and somber depth to these
songs of mature transcendence.


DOWNLOAD: “Transcendental
Youth,” “Memory of Satan” -STEVE KLINGE



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