Album: Get Pure

Artist: Mount Carmel

Label: Alive Naturalsound

Release Date: March 25, 2014

Mount Carmel 3-25


 It’s frankly amazing how, after decades of punk, postpunk, alternarock, etc., the bluesy hard rock sounds of the 70s seem to be the coin of the realm with the underground youth. Mount Carmel springs from the indie rock mecca of Columbus, Ohio, yet have dick in common with the more well-known proponents of that city’s legendary scene. Indeed, brothers Matthew and Patrick Reed and drummer James McCain don’t even try to be too cool for school – one spin of Get Pure (quite) and you’d think these young men had never heard a rock record made after they were born.

 That’s likely why the trio sounds fresh and unspoiled most of the time – “Back On It,” the instrumental “Bridge to Nowhere” and the explosive opener “Gold” would enliven any classic rock station that would have the balls to play something recorded after 1984. The Carmels even get reasonably romantic and soulful on “Will I.” Not everything evinces that new car smell, though – “Swallow Me Up,” “Fear Me Now” and the blatantly bluesy would-be burner “One More Morning” sound put together from a Me Decade rawk anthem kit.

 Get Pure hits more often than it misses, though, and if it’s not an album you’ll still have on your shelf ten years from now – or even in a year – it sure sounds good blasting out of the car speakers right this second.

 DOWNLOAD: “Gold,” “Back On It,” “Will I”

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