Motopony – Motopony

January 01, 1970



Motopony may be the kind of name that leads to skepticism –
it sounds like a moniker invented on the spot just before the announcer
introduced the band on stage for the first time. But even if the name is
suspect, the vision is true.


songwriter Daniel Blue leads his troop through acoustic/electric folk/pop/psych
as if determined to find the sweet spot in middle of an Iron & Wine/Sparklehorse/Jose
Gonzalez love triangle. A sensitive soul with an artistic eye and a brooding heart,
Blue strains his music through a prickly but melodic mesh of ecstatic regret
and melancholy joy. “Goddamn girl, your wounds are beautiful,” he moans in “God
Damn Girl,” managing to sound less creepy than seductive. “Wait For Me” dances
down the road of uneasy longing, while “Euphoria” walks a fine line between
desire and desperation. Despite the charms of such tentative romance, however,
it’s the jamming bravado of “Seer” and the hooky self-confidence of “King of
Diamonds,” wisely released as a single, that are mostly likely to bring
neophytes into Blue’s world. Once on the surface, you’ll find the planet of Motopony worth the exploration.  



of Diamonds” “God Damn Girl,” “Euphoria” MICHAEL TOLAND

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