MOTOBUNNY – Motobunny

Album: Motobunny

Artist: Motobunny

Label: Rusty Knuckles

Release Date: May 12, 2015

Motobunny 5-12



There aren’t too many Iggy Pop-influenced pop/punk bands out there with a full-time keytarist and co-frontwomen, but Motobunny somehow manage to make it work.

 It would be easy to dismiss the band as a novelty if they didn’t have the songs to back it up, but as their self-titled debut proves, they’ve got about a dozen.

The band was formed backstage at an Iggy gig a few years ago, when members from The Wooly Bandits and The Love Me Knots decided to merge. Collectively, the members have shared the stages with everyone from Nirvana and The Damned to Pearl Jam and X, but their album has a much more glam-punk vibe to it. From the Joan Jett-like rocker “Shake Me” to the just what it sounds like track “My Boyfriend is a Ghost” the band is distorted guitars with plenty of synths and hooks.

There are a few weaker tracks here and there, but ultimately, the record is an experiment in glitter and grease that ends well.

 DOWNLOAD: “The Other Side,” “Shake Me” and “My Boyfriend is a Ghost”



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