Mother Hips – Pacific Dust

January 01, 1970

(Camera Records)


The fact that Mother Hips have barely registered a blip on
the public radar may not exactly weigh in their favor, but it ought not count
against them either.  After nearly twenty
years of plying their craft, they show their determination to carry with a
sound and style that’s classic Left Coast rock. 
Naturally then, they can be forgiven for drawing attention to the
probable cause of their predicament, a scenario lamented on “Third Floor
Story,” a tale of record company imbroglio that ranks as one of several
highlights on this otherwise agreeable and aptly dubbed Pacific Dust


Indeed, based on the evidence offered herein, there’s no
reason why this California combo won’t finally win the following that’s eluded
them so long. Stirring up their ‘70s sensibility, they offer up a series of
breezy, freewheeling melodies that might have once garnered radio play and an
adoring audience back in the day.  On
songs like “White Falcon Fuzz,” “One Way Out” and “All in Favor,” they suggest
more than a hint of affinity with the Eagles, Neil Young, and the Doobie
Brothers and though some could accuse them of retracing well-trod terrain, the
sound remains striking when recast with their high dessert desire.  So even if there’s a portion of the public
that finds it unhip to like the Hips, their retro refitted approach maintains
its weathered appeal. 


Standout Tracks: “White Falcon Fuzz,” “One Way Out” LEE ZIMMERMAN




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