Motörhead – Motörizer

January 01, 1970

(Steamhammer Records/SPV Music)




Just one question: why isn’t Motörhead in the Rock &
Roll Hall of Fame? If there was ever a band that epitomizes the road warrior
ethic, a lifelong dedication to the rock & roll muse, it’s this gang.


Motörhead’s 24th album, Motörizer provides another good argument for the band’s ticket to Cleveland. These songs don’t just sit there
on the slab o’ plastic like some stinkin’ corpse, they leap out of your
speakers with bloodlust, a knife in their teeth and evil on today’s “to
do” list. Lemmy’s liquor-soaked metal-blues growl is complimented by
Filthy Phil’s napalm-strength fretwork, while drummer Mikkey Dee delivers a
good old-fashioned mugging. Songs like the pub-rocking “English Rose”
or the brutal “Buried Alive” are landmines itching to trigger,
displaying a mix of punk attitude and metallic overkill. Motörizer is a hellbound train, with Lemmy K at the helm… hold on
for the ride of your life!


Standout Tracks: “English Rose,” “Teach You How To Sing The Blues” REV.


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