Moss Icon – Complete Discography

January 01, 1970

(Temporary Residence, Ltd.)


Whether they’ll admit it or
not, the influence of Joy Division has always been quite palpable on the
American hardcore community, attitudinally if not sonically. But back in the ‘80s,
only Annapolis, Maryland’s Moss Icon were brave enough to admit their love for
Ian Curtis was equal to that of Ian MacKaye, buoyed by guitarist Tonie Joy’s
envelope-ripping arrangements and frontman Jonathan Vance’s Henry
Rollins-cum-Lou Reed talking punk vocals.


The band only lasted from
1986 to 1991 before sporadically reforming throughout the ‘00s (including this
year), and has been saddled as one of the architects of emo (something they fervently
deny). But after nearly four presidential terms in OOP limbo, this groundbreaking
act’s entire output – a 1987 demo tape, three 7-inches, one half of a split LP,
a bunch of compilation tracks – has been cleaned up and lovingly anthologized.
And all 19 tracks, spread across two CDs or five sides of three LPs, have never
sounded more immediate and essential than they do here.


DOWNLOAD: “Locket,” “Moth” RON HART



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