Morgan Ågren/Henry Kaiser/Trey Gunn – Invisible Rays

January 01, 1970



Recorded in a single day in Sweden (with a few overdubs later
on), Invisible Rays finds three musicians’
musicians lighting out for the territory. Drummer Morgan Ågren is the glue
here, as his aggressive polyrhythms and rock-solid timekeeping provide a
foundation for the exploratory melodies of touch guitarist Trey Gunn and
psychedelic jazz improviser Henry Kaiser.


Given these guys’ lengthy résumés, it’s no surprise that the
pieces here cover the gamut: furious fusion (“Invisibility Clause”), undulating
atmosphere (“Ghost Red Wires”), avant funk (“The Magic Ring of Invisibility”),
aggressive atonality (“Greatest Hits”). Not to mention epic tracks that allow
the musicians to barrel down all their avenues at once – the 22-minute title
track throws the contents of their bag of tricks all over the carpet, and the
13-minute “An Unusually Nice Hotel” drills right to the heart of their


It’s that sense of personal interaction that keeps Invisible Rays musical, rather than
merely noisy and technique-obsessed.


Unusually Nice Hotel,” “The Magic Ring of Invisibility,” “Ghost Red Wires”

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