Morcheeba – Blood Like Lemonade

January 01, 1970



Morcheeba was always the most accessible act to come out of
the trip-hop movement – the least overt about its hip-hop influences, the most
friendly to pop/soul tuneship, the least likely to throw in a swath of noise. The
songs on Blood Like Lemonade, the
band’s seventh album and the first to feature original vocalist Skye Edwards in
eight years, slide down the gullet smooth as silk chocolate, powered by gently
rolling beats, atmospheric keyboards, undulating melodies and Edwards’ angelic


But it’s all part of Morcheeba’s evil plan, as the soft
cushions contain nails. “Wanna know why there’s a dead guy in my dining room?”
Edwards asks casually in “Recipe For Disaster,” eventually explaining that
“Intoxicated, he turned up wasted/And I took offence.” “Crimson” compares a
rocky relationship to a fatal car crash, while “Self Made Man” calmly
excoriates a self-absorbed ass to “enjoy the flaws in the best laid plans.” The
title track follows a murderous crusader on his bloody quest for vengeance.


The album isn’t all smoky caresses by evil spirits. “I am
the Spring” sweetly refreshes an old metaphor for newborn love, and “Easier
Said Than Done,” despite its title, offers encouragement in tough times – “Look
down, it’s just a short fall/Landing on your feet/Because you’ve grown so
tall.” But those tracks just make the rest more unsettlingly effective. After
all, shining light into the darkness just makes the latter deeper and more


Standout Tracks:
“Recipe For Disaster,” “Easier Said Than Done “Self Made Man” MICHAEL TOLAND


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