Moose Blood 3/29/18, Dallas

Dates: March 29, 2018

Location: Gas Monkey Bar & Grill, Dallas, TX

Gas Monkey Welcomes Moose Blood!

An Emo band from Canterbury, Kent UK came to Gas Monkey Bar and Grill to play and what a show it was. A cool night at the end of March was the setting for Moose Blood to take over the outside stage at Gas Monkey Bar and Grill in Dallas, Texas. The crowd began to come in early for the show and kept getting larger and larger. I had heard their music but never seen the band live. I was very impressed with the performance. It was nice to be out of town to see my best friend, Nicole, and then to see a good show was even better. No matter what one thinks of emo music, it has a fandom all its own. It is one of the most productive of all music genres. There were all ages at this show, from the very young to the old. All were there enjoying a good band play a good show.

Moose Blood is one of those bands that is emo punk and does it right. The new song is “Talk in Your Sleep” and it has feelings behind it. This is what emo is. The band formed in 2012 and have had a nice career on the emo punk music scene ever since. This night in Dallas they gave a great performance. It was well received by the audience and Moose Blood has a following of fans of all ages.

There is nothing like attending a concert with your best friend. It makes great memories and reminds you of the bond that you have. Attending an emo concert is more of an emotional experience than it is just a concert. No matter what band it is, there is a connection with the audience that the band is playing for. A cool night had many in long sleeves but the feeling was there. The special feeling you get when seeing a good live band. Moose Blood took the stage in hoodies and there was a roar from the crowd from the get go. From the first chord strummed to the last it was a night to remember for many.

Blue, White and purple lights cycling through illuminated the stage throughout their set. The colors complimented the songs that were played. One of the most popular song form Moose Blood is titled “Honey”. This is a song that also received the 2016 Kerrang! Awards nomination for best track. This is the way to begin the set that caught the attention of the audience with them even singing along. There were other songs that were sung along by the audience throughout the show. One of my favorite song is called “Cherry” to see it performed live for the first time was one of those special moments that is a great memory for life.

Moose Blood is a band that can go to any town on any stage and put feeling into their music. There fans are the kind that show up to see just that. An outside stage in Dallas, Texas seeing a good band with my bestie, life is good. Rock On!


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