MOONLIGHT TOWERS – Heartbeat Overdrive

Album: Heartbeat Overdrive

Artist: Moonlight Towers

Label: Chicken Ranch

Release Date: November 11, 2014

Moonlight Towers 11-11-14


I’d heard some previous stuff by this Austin, TX bunch that I’d really liked so was real curious to check out this record. I had no idea they’d been around since 2001; their self-titled debut was released in Spinster records back in 2002 and this is record number four, so good for them for keeping on.

Leader singer/guitarist/songwriter James Stevens put it pretty simply, “We just want to make people dance” (he also stated, re: Heartbeat Overdrive, “It’s basically a play on the physical feeling of one’s heart racing”, so there’s that). While Heartbeat Overdrive isn’t exactly what you’d call dance music you can still shake your moneymaker to it at times. It’s basically mid-tempo power pop/ bar rock – think Mr. Petty and his Heartbreakers – with plenty of interesting guitar parts and a real heart and soul pumped into it.  I actually had to take a second listen to make sure that “Fool’s Highway” wasn’t a Petty cover. That one’s a scorcher while other tunes to check out include unfolding opener “Out of the Gray”, the more moving “Windowpane” and the driving “Wrong Enough to be Right.”

In the end you get nine tunes and no B.S. – hey, Little Steven likes ‘em, and you just might too.

DOWNLOAD:  “Out of the Gray,” “”Fool’s Highway,” “”Day In Day Out,” “Heartbeat Overdrive”


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