THE MONSIEURS – The Monsieurs

Album: The Monsieurs

Artist: The Monsieurs

Label: Slovenly

Release Date: October 07, 2014



Sacrebleu! Take a stack of Nuggets box set rejects; empty the (presumably scratched to hell) vinyl recs from their sleeves into a rusted 50-gal. iron barrel; repeat w/several boxfuls of mid-‘80s Aussie skronk band demo cassettes (think: Au Go Go and Blackeye); add cheap motor oil; stir; alight. Now carefully stalk as many contemporary Goner and In The Red musicians as is prudent; isolate, kill, and dismember; add to your sonic stew. Pour the resulting sludge into life-size molds of [insert favorite rock icons]; allow to settle, then chill for 48 hours in the nearest available 7-11 beer cooler; extract, and animate. Ce qui la bais!

That may or may not be what this Nevada indie label actually attempted, but it’s as reasonable enough a description of what it accomplished. Ladies and earthworms, we give you, the mighty Monsieurs, the rawest, gnarliest, gnastiest garage-rock trio to stalk the earth this year. Quelle surprise, eh kids? A two-gal/one-guy combo of intermittent finesse and unerring instincts, they put the “ON” back in “Sonics,” the “RAMP” in “Cramps,” the “ROG” [rhymes with “rock”] in “Troggs,” the “FUH” in “Fuzztones” (work with me here)… you get the idea.

From opening track “Kari Ann” (now where have I heard that name before), a swaggering blooze strut; through distorto anthem “Gloria” (no relation) and glammy goodie “Headbanger” (ditto); to rumble-in-da-urban-jungle closer “Rock the Night”: The Monsieurs grab you by the neck, throttle you but good in just under 30 minutes—thereby adhering to the timeless and time-honored Ramones dictum of, it ya can’t say it in a half hour, it ain’t worth sayin’—and then leave you wanting more. That would be vocalist Andy Macbain, guitarist Hilken Mancini and drummer Erin King: their collective “less” does indeed translate into “more.” Merci beaucoup, folks.

DOWNLOAD: “Gloria,” “We Are Wolves,” “Rock the Night”

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