Monotonix – Where Were You When It Happened?

January 01, 1970

(Drag City)


This Israeli
band, hailing from Tel Aviv, have been the stuff of legend lately due to an
insane live show where apparently vocalist Ami Shaley swings from rafters,
jumps from balconies and generally acts like a rubber room escapee while the
crowd is either going bonkers and encouraging more or stunned in shock. Having
said all of that their debut full-length doesn’t quite capture the live show
insanity and maybe their studio recordings never will.


These 8 songs,
written while the band took a sabbatical in New Orleans (apparently in a
neighborhood ravaged by Hurricane Katrina), sound like a reheated version of
the sort of thing that Blue Cheer used to do or that Mudhoney currently does
(vocalist Shaley even occasionally sounds like Mark Arm).  Sure, the guitars
are loud and the vocals are wild but it didn’t feel like anything more than a
band aping its influences. Two exceptions on the record being the heavy “My
Needs’ and the relentless “Spit It On Your Face.” Maybe the band should release
only DVDs? Make your own decision on the record but don’t miss the live show.


Standout  Tracks: “My Needs”, “Spit It On



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