Mondo Topless – Freaking Out

January 01, 1970



these Philly garage mavens, who have been at it for nearly two decades, don’t
get a ton of points for originality but what they lack in that department they
more than make up for in balls-out enthusiasm and dedication. On this, their 5th record (and 3rd for the venerable Get Hip label), the band once
again cranks up their trust organ, fuzzy amps and battered guitars for more
musical mayhem. About the vocals? Well, they must have gargled with plenty of


this 12 song romp the band decided to do all covers and they handle most with
equal aplomb. They open with the Twilighters classic “Nothing Can Bring Me Down”
while their version of “Freaking Out” is one for the ages. Later on they tackle
Camper Van Beethoven’s “(We’re a ) Bad Trip”  as well as The Mono Men’s
“Mystery Girl” and Jimmy Radcliffe’s “Gonna Find a Cave.” In the end we all win
‘cos they play punk rock shows, frat parties and Bar Mitzvahs.


: “Nothing Can Bring Me Down”, “Freaking Out”, “Left in the Dark”,
“Mystery Girl” TIM HINELY



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