Momus – Hypnoprism

January 01, 1970

(American Patchwork/ Darla)


Momus is the nom de plume of Scottish
musician/artist/provocateur Nick Currie. He has been at it for over two decades
(his debut record Circus Maximus, was
released on the Acme label in 1986) and has released music on labels as
highly-regarded as Creation, el’, Cherry Red and Le Grand Magistery. Apparently
for the past two years he was writing a book and working on some contemporary
art.  On his site Momus said he looked at
Hypnoprism (which he admitted is a
made up word) as a dedication to falling back in love with pop music via, of
all things, YouTube (no surprise really as Momus is such a visual artist). So
there you go.


The songs on Hypnoprism are not pop in the traditional sense of the word. Are the songs catchy? Well,
not really though certain parts of them are. You’ll hear a blip here, a bleep
there, some samples and what sounds like strings recorded in the 1920’s. Then
there’s Momus’ voice, at times awfully drowsy and smirky and others alert and
excitable. Some of the highlights on here are the melodic “Datapanik” (a love
affair to his computer?),  the adult
nursery rhythm of “Evil Genius” , the tweaked dance hall of “Is There Sex in
Marriage?” and the cover of Josef K’s “Adoration.”  At times the whole thing comes off as being
too arty for its own sake. And it is. That is the (occasional) genius of Nick


While it might not be something you’d play at your next
cocktail party you’d sure want to
play it. Maybe take your small group of weirdo friends to the backroom and spin
them some true party music.


DOWNLOAD: “Datapanik”,
“Evil Genius” TIM HINELY



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