Mommyheads – Flying Suit

January 01, 1970



San Francisco
band, which existed from the late 80’s through the ‘90s, was quite underrated
and confounded many.  Though they wrote good pop songs, they were never
able to garner any kind of momentum to bring them the respect that they
deserved (possibly because each release was on a different record label).
 Flying Suit was record number three (after their 1991 release, Coming
into Beauty
on the Simple Machines label) and just might have been their
best.  In addition to the 8 songs that were on the original the label has
tacked on 3 more songs that were recorded around that same time period and it’s
been remastered as well.


Adam Cohen and his talented crew of art-damaged popsters (Mike Holt on keys,
Jeff Palmer on bass and Dan Fisherman on drums) waste no time jumping right in
on the first track, “Sandman”, with its jangly guitar and sky-written keyboards
while “Saints Preserve Us” takes an odd time signature and runs with it. The
cascading “Bottom Out” is one of the bands best songs with terrific lyrics (“I
could fix your car and impress your friends and we could all drive around in my
head”) while the quirky “Worm” shows a bit of a darker side.  The three
bonus tracks are all worth hearing as well (especially the soaring “Over”) and
though a few of the songs are a bit too unfocused, overall it works well as a
whole. With a sound not unlike another under-respected band, XTC, The Mommyheads
were not long for this world.


wait, stop press: the Mommyheads are back! Playing shows and recording for (Portland’s own) Bladen
County Records, so at the next gig you make sure they don’t forget to play some
Flying Suit material. It deserves to be heard.


“Sandman”, “Bottom Out”, “Henry Miller is Dead”, “Over” TIM HINELY




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