Mommyheads – Finest Specimens

January 01, 1970



Though originally formed and based in New
York City, this quirky pop quartet relocated to San Francisco in 1990 and it what there where
they garnered their biggest audiences. Though never a huge name on the scene,
the band had more of a cult following but its followers were a dedicated bunch
and knew they had lost something special when the group disbanded in 1998.


Well, time does strange things and a decade later the
band released a new record (2008’s You’re Not a Dream). Then the
Dromedary label reissued the band’s finest moment, 1994’s 8-song Flying Suit and now this, a 21-track career-spanning collection. This batch of songs
remasters tunes from Flying Suit and Bingham’s Hole records as
well as adding 4 unreleased live cuts and even a brand new song. In addition to
classic oldies like “Cactus Farm”, “Spiders”, “Henry Miller is Dead” and
“Help Me” there’s a terrific live version of “Needmore, PA”
and the new cut, the heavenly “When the Sun Breaks.” One question is the
exclusion of arguably the band’s finest song, “Bottom Out”; otherwise, this is
a fine introduction to the band.


The word “pop” seems to be tossed out a bit too often
these days in describing music, but these guys, well, they took that word to


DOWNLOAD: “Spiders”, “When the Sun Breaks” TIM


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