THE MOJO GURUS — Who Asked Ya?

Album: Who Asked Ya?

Artist: Mojo Gurus

Label: Red River

Release Date: September 16, 2014

Mojo Gurus


In the ten years that they’ve been around, the Mojo Gurus have recorded four albums, working at a fairly leisurely advance by most bands’ standards. Yet the frenzied, frenetic pace that accelerates their music is decidedly the polar opposite of what anyone would perceive as laid back. Even a cursory sampling makes it clear that moments of respite are few and far between.

The same can be said of their latest opus, the brash and boisterous Who Asked Ya? As its defiant title suggests, it’s a snot rock extravaganza, a kind of glam hybrid that bands like the New York Dolls, T Rex, Sweet and Mott the Hoople honed to perfection throughout the early to mid ‘70s. Whether or not this Florida-based band’s main intent is the pursuit of retro revisionism remains unclear, but suffice it to say that their delivery encompasses rock’s most primal forms, be it a basic Chuck Berry-style rocker (“The Last Rock ‘n’ Roll Show”), a hint of boogie and bluster (“Someone Else Will”), a surf and south of the border sound (“Bandito”), and blues with attitude (“Bad Attitude”). Indeed, the titles tell all, which only adds to the sense that all this has been heard countless times before.

That’s probably the point. And their edgy attitude, it’s also likely that anyone who challenges their MO will get the question posed by the album title in response. Clearly then, enough said.

DOWNLOAD: “The Last Rock ‘n’ Roll Show,” “Someone Else Will”

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