Mogwai – Earth Division EP

January 01, 1970

(Sub Pop)


This is a case wherein open minds – and some patience – are
likely to be rewarded. Listeners seeking an infectious stomper like “San Pedro”
(from Mogwai’s last full-length), or anything else with the controlled
cacophony for which the band is known, 
may wonder if another artist’s recording ended up in the Earth Division pak. The mood here is
quite contemplative. “Get to France,”
“Hound of Winter,” and “Does This Always Happen? could provide audio – the kind
filmgoers are likely to seek out, after the film – for a Sundance festival
contender. At five minutes, 29 seconds, the longest cut, “Drunk and Crazy,”
includes more aggressive progressions along with evocative strings. Lovers of
the “other” Mogwai may adjudge this the set’s lone keeper.


Whatever its direction, I never feel the need for a
simultaneous translator with Mogwai.  On
this EP that lucidity is well complemented by compositions so winning, I’d
welcome a longer Earth Division. For
anyone who responds to this rainy-day interlude, the set’s brevity may prove
its only rub.


DOWNLOAD:  All or nothing. MARY LEARY

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