Moebius & Tietchens – Moebius & Tietchens

January 01, 1970

(Bureau B)


Two extraordinary talents in electronic music reconnect after a 37-year
hiatus. Dieter Moebius, a founder of Kraut-pioneering Cluster, Kluster and
Harmonia, and Asmus Tietchens, an innovator in tape manipulation and musique
concrete, first worked together in the Lilenthal project with Neu! collaborator
Conny Plank and Okko Beck in 1976. Over the decades, they met in passing,
always promising to reconnect, but it was not until 2011 that they found time
to record this twitchy, tetchy, intermittently revelatory joint project, which
sculpts rhythm and refracts repetition into intricate prismatic shapes. 


Thirteen austere tracks range from eerie, ominous tone-poems (“Im
Windcanal,” “Vincent”), to android-chilly extended cadences (“Kattrepel”) to
surprisingly accessible blasts of Tortoise-y post-rock (“Thorax”). Rhythm takes
precedence over tone. Reiteration hammers brief themes into memory. Sounds are
percussive, like drums, but with the twitchy shape-bending quality of vibrating
guitar strings. There is nothing organic or natural about the space that houses
these sounds; notes scratch, ping and echo in odd ways against theoretical


This is odd, cerebral music, precisely articulated yet abrasively
delivered, and yet it does, at times, convey real emotional content. “Yes,
Yes,” a highlight, embed distorted breathy sounds amid an industrial scrap heap
of pounding, scrapping, blipping sounds, so that something not quite human
seems to be affirming (“Yes, Yes”) existence in a world not entirely receptive
to it. Elsewhere lush, almost sentimental tones wash in lyrical ways over
blasted staccato beats. There’s an anxiety, a nostalgia, even  a pulsing, indomitable
spirit at play in these machine dreams, that only two masters could conjure out
of such spare elements.


DOWNLOAD: “Yes, Yes”


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