Modern Skirts – Gramahawk

January 01, 1970



It would have
seemed easy to pigeonhole this Athens,
GA pop band after their sparkling
2005 debut (Catalogue of Generous Men) as yet another melodic pop band with a slight influence of the loopy Elephant 6
scene that came before them but it appeared the band had their sights on things
much bigger. After a sophomore effort that was as well-received and some shows
opening for R.E.M., it appears the band returned home and began a long, slow
process of what their third record should be. Here it is and it’s… well, a head


The records
opens with a song called “Jane Child” that’s more eerie than catchy, while
“Happy 81” (with beats, a drum machine and a sticky melody that means it should
have been the lead-off track) might get the kids back on the dance floor.
“Glass of Water” sets the metronome on click and adds dreamy vocals. On the
down(er) side “Bumper Cars” was deadly boring with mashed beats and a falsetto
not nearly as convincing as their buddies Of Montreal, while “DUI” brings up vocalist
Jay Gulley’s 2nd drunken driving charge with horrible stuttered
beats. And “American Gothic” just should’ve been left on the cutting room


I can respect a
band that throws folks for a loop, but it doesn’t always make it listenable.
Maybe time to walk backwards straight to 2005 and start over?


DOWNLOAD: “Happy 81”, “Glass of Water” TIM HINELY



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