Modern English – Soundtrack

January 01, 1970

(Darla Records)


Ok, does anyone else out there in Blurt-land find it hard to
believe that these UK
blokes, writers of the iconic 1980’s hit “I Melt with You”, are still around?!
Admittedly, they get no points for prolific-ness since this is only their 7th record in 30 years but still, Soundtrack is yet another unique record by
a band that must feel blessed to be able to basically do whatever they want on
record once fans figured out there were not going to write another “I
Melt with You.”


Being the band’s first record in 14 years (1996’s Everything
is Mad
was their last one) they had plenty of time to write some fresh
material and that they did as Soundtrack stings and soothes in all of
the right places.


Opener “It’s Ok” blasts out of the gate sounding not unlike
a Stone Roses classic of yesteryear with a streaking guitar lead and vocalist
Robbie Grey’s confident vocals (Grey is also the only original member left in
the current lineup) while “Blister” does more of the same. On the next few
songs the band’s sound grows darker and more introspective, but no less potent,
especially on the title track and “The Lowdown.” On “Here Comes the Failure”
the band snaps right back at attention on what could be a single off the record
while “Up Here in the Brain” offers a nifty jangle and more of Grey’s soaring
vocals (and could easily fall into the “possible hit single” category too).


That the record closes with three more downbeat numbers
shows the happy to sad ratio tipped more towards the latter but again, with the
band never achieving insider status (even with the hit single) it shows
they don’t feel hand-tied and feel they can do whatever they want and thus,
seem to have achieved some sort of artistic freedom. Good for them.


Standout Tracks:  “It’s Ok”, “Blister”, “Here
Comes the Failure”, “Up Here in the Brain”, “Fin” TIM HINELY



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