Album: II

Artist: Moderat

Label: Mute

Release Date: August 06, 2013



 The musical marriage between talented electronic acts Apparat (Sascha Ring) and Modeselektor (Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary), known as Moderat, returns after a busy four years in the wake of its debut. Apparat released two albums while the gentlemen of Modeselektor released an album, two compilations and were featured on several records…it’s a surprise they found time to collaborate.

 A mostly instrumental affair, the trio’s sophomore album, aptly named II, again melds the two artists’ distinctive styles—Modeselektor’s heavy bass driven, kinetic sounds with Apparat’s smooth compositions. The beauty of this formula: not too many of the tracks sound the same. Though some lyricless segments blur together, a few stand out, such as “Versions” or the 10 minute long “Milk.” Yet arguably the best moments of II are the songs that bear vocals. The slow and hypnotic “Damage Done” builds then settles into calm pulsation, while the single “Bad Kingdom,” along with “GITA,” and “Let in the Light,” all balance several disjointed effects that come together to create a multilayered sound of melodic chaos. Therein lays the strength of Moderat.

 DOWNLOAD: “Bad Kingdom,” “GITA”

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