MODEENS – Electric Caribou

Album: Electric Caribou

Artist: Modeens

Label: Zobal Global

Release Date: August 06, 2013

Modeens 5-11


 What the hell is an electric caribou? Well, it definitely ain’t a breed routinely found grazing on Arizona grasslands—although if you consult the opening bars of “Drinkin’ Is A Full Time Job,” the second track on this Tucson band’s third platter, your fist-pump in the air at the stomping “more cowbell!” aesthetic at play will most certainly render the query moot; these rock ‘n’ roll reindeer are behooved and galloping.

 Bad punks aside, several years ago yours truly saluted the Nuggets-inspired combo for its unerring garage/psych vision. Now they turn feverish, with founders Christina Williams (bass/vox) and Jamie Laboz (guitar/vox/percussion) plus keyboardist/harmonica whiz Dave Prival and drummer Jeff Diday slamming through 10 songs that’d make even the most jaded garage stomp/shock habitué gasp, “Oh my!” prior to queuing up at the merch table.

 Picks to click: surfin’ on saguaros instro opener “Modeens Theme”; the sleekly sensual, heart-on-sleeve New Wave of “Faster” (a showcase for Williams, by the way); and thrashy, snotty raveup “What I Need,” a misfit’s anthem in search of a blackboard jungle flick to be the opening credits number. Plus the aforementioned cowbell-clanker, a beer-guzzling blue collar anthem par excellence which makes it eminently clear that this is indeed a quintessential American band that aims to come to your town and party it down.

 Any questions?

 DOWNLOAD: “What I Need,” “Faster,” “Modeens Theme”

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