Moby – Wait For Me

January 01, 1970



Everyone’s favorite bald, bespectacled vegan is quite a
chameleon. From DJ to techno artist to pop artist, he’s served up divaesque
house music (Everything is Wrong),
sampled roots music (Play), mixed
ambient with metal (Animal Rights)
and always keeps fans guessing. His latest, done as home recordings, has a
subdued, haunted feel to it-much of it is instrumental, occasionally featuring
anonymous femme vocals. And though it’s not a major statement, it’s a very
pretty little record nevertheless.


The eerie, tape-loop driven “Shot In the Back of the
Head” makes for the neat single that it is while “Mistake” (his
only vocal) features mournful strings and gentle guitars, leading to the sad
despair of the title track, the spacey lounge music of “Hope Is Gone”
and the touching, delicate “Ghost Return.” If Moby can make such
appealing gloomy music, you almost hope that he doesn’t cheer up.


Standout Tracks: “Shot
in the Back of the Head,” “JLTF” JASON GROSS


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