Mixtures – Stompin’ at the Rainbow

January 01, 1970





The United
States in the early 1960s was unfortunately
still a hotbed of ignorance, racism and legalized segregation. Such was not the
case, however, at the famous Rainbow Gardens in Pomona, California, where The Mixtures reigned supreme as the
kings of the East L.A. dance hall scene. This
multi-culti sextet had gringos, Chicanos, brothers, Asians and American Indians
in their ranks, and together they created a buoyant, harmonious house party
atmosphere in the grand schema of such prolific acts at the time as Sam the
Sham and the Pharaohs and ? and the Mysterians.


Stompin’ at the
is the definitive guide to this lost treasure of West Coast pop
history, gathering together a jubilant 1962 live album from the Rainbow (originally
released by Linda Records). For the CD version, all six singles the band recorded
for the label at the time are added, making this a wonderful discovery for
anyone with a deep appreciation of classic American pop in the Kennedy era.


Rainbow Stomp Pt. 1”, “Olive Oyl” RON HART


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