Mirah – (a)spera

January 01, 1970





The breathy, mystic quality in Mirah’s voice – a Pacific
north-woods, alt-folk variant of Bjork, but without the wild mood swings in
range – receives a sensuous, luxuriant cushion in (a)spera, her fourth
album (and first since 2004’s C’mon Miracle). Mirah worked with
different combinations of producers and arrangers on individual songs, but the
album has a cohesive sound, with baroque romantic arrangements that shimmer
like reflected light as you listen.


The songs are more or less about our relationship with
nature, with some intentionally archaic wordplay meant to imply rusticity. More
often than not, the results are lovely, but sometimes the arrangements hide
Mirah’s voice and – on “The River” – the production fussiness buries the
melody. When Mirah sings out with clarity, expressing her lyrical sentiments
without obfuscation, all her strengths click together. Fittingly, she does that
best on the final cut, “While We Have the Sun.”


Standout Tracks: “Generosity,” “While We Have the Sun” STEVEN ROSEN


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