Minor Stars – The Death of the Sun in the Silver Sea

January 01, 1970





Tar Heel trio seem to be making waves in their home state and if you like your
rock heavy, well, they’ve got it in spades. Leader Eric Wallen was previously
in My Dear Ella who apparently were more slight in sound. With Minor Stars he
wants to kick out the jams and after dropping out of a Duke University PHD
program nearly a decade ago, who can blame him.


a page out of recent songbooks of Dinosaur Jr and The Melvins but not too proud
to admit they like Black Sabbath too, the band turns things up to 11 and hopes
you brought the right ear plugs. On “Dead Weight” the pounding rhythm drive the
tune but the crunchy riffs are along for the ride (a clunky guitar lead comes
in midway through) while “Mirror” swipes a riff from Masters of Reality and vocals even sound a slight bit like early Ozzy. A few of the tunes take one
toke over the line in the name of stoner rock (the beginning of “Black Lake”
sounds a bit too much like a Foghat tune) but these guys are unique enough
where it will be cell phones in addition to Bic lighters being hoisted
at the shows.


: “Dead Weight”, “Ready or Not”, “Mirror” TIM HINELY




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