MINIBOONE – Miniboone

Album: Miniboone

Artist: Miniboone

Label: Ernest Jenning Record Co.

Release Date: September 10, 2013



 New York’s Miniboone plays a particularly catchy brand of power pop. But unfortunately that only describes the first half of their self-titled debut. The second half is pretty standard pop rock fare, not bad, but not particularly memorable either.

  With a vocals that sounds strikingly similar to Jonathan Richman (in fact, “Gimme Gimme Gimme” could have come off of a Modern Lovers album circa the mid-80’s), the band take just as much influence from groups like Squeeze and Talking Heads as they do from contemporary rockers like Weezer.

 The first few songs off the record, like the opener “The Superposition of Human Affection” and the stop and start guitars of “I Could, I Could” are proof alone that this band can write one hell of an earworm. But Miniboone starts to run out of steam about six songs in and by the 13th and final track they sound like a complexly different band.

 With a number of 7”s and a couple of EPs already lining their merch table, this marks their first proper full length. Maybe another EP would have been the way to go.

 DOWNLOAD: “The Superstition of Human Affection” and “I Could, I Could”


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