Mindy Smith – Mindy Smith

January 01, 1970

(Giant Leap Records)




Mindy Smith’s pursued
a deliberate but persistent path to public awareness over the course of her
career, with each of her half dozen albums establishing her down home designs
and cool, but effusive stance. With this new eponymous effort she shows she’s
definitely ready for primetime, and while echoes of some obvious influences
remains (Lucinda Williams, Linda Ronstadt, Shelby Lynne et. al.), it’s her most
emphatic imprint ever. There are no boundaries here to be broken, but there’s
clear indication of new-found confidence that obviously serves her well.


Whether operating in
vintage domains (“Closer”) or more emphatic emotion (“Pretending the Stars,”
“Take Me Back”), Smith seems content to embrace the mood regardless of where it
leads her. Many of the songs opt for
a soft, sensual sway, but at least one old school ballad — “Devil’s Inside” —
shows she’s also adept at playing an
old school chanteuse. That she assumes such credibility is easily apparent;
when on “Everything Here Will Be Fine” she coos, “Don’t worry now, Everything
here will be fine,” those in listening range will likely be inclined to believe


DOWNLOAD: “Closer,” “Everything Here Will Be
Fine,” “Pretending the Stars” LEE ZIMMERMAN


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