Mike Watt & Floored By Four – Floored By Four

January 01, 1970





On break from his near-now-permanent tenure with The Stooges, Pedro-punk’s most
steadfast soldier/bassist Mike Watt, along with guitarist Nels Cline (ditto in
regard to his stay in Wilco), keyboardist Yuka Honda (late of Cibo Matto) and drummer
Dougie Bowne (the ultimate Downtown avant-garde session rhythmatist) make with
the atonal jazz-soul noise and roll with furious funk.


Four songs singularly named and composed by the bassist for each
of the quartet’s members, the Floored By Four started as Watt’s “New York project,”
and wound up as a testament to their shared love of Krautrock, Captain Beefheart
and latter-day Miles Davis, with some Stax stuff thrown in as a good luck rabbit’s
(good) foot. Add to the grueling groove and the simmering avant-soul the
stop-and-start complexity of four improvisational-ists at the top of their games
and you get the stammer of “Yuka,” the cackle of “Watt” and the absolutely epic
skronk of “Dougie.” Ouch.




[Check out an audio sample from
the album elsewhere on the BLURT site]

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