MIKE MATTISON — You Can’t Fight Love

Album: You Can't Fight Love

Artist: Mike Mattison

Label: Landslide

Release Date: July 01, 2014

Mike Mattison 7-1



Best known for the essential supporting role he plays with both the Derek Trucks Band and its effective successor, the Tedeschi Trucks Band, Mike Mattison steps out on his own with a superb solo album that suggests his true potential has been severely underserved up until now.

While Mattison’s vocal prowess has never been in doubt, You Can’t Fight Love adds the role of superb songwriter to his resume, thanks to a set of songs that offer the essence of classic R&B. Mattison’s music is so good in fact, that any one of these tracks might easily be mistaken for a vintage soul classic. That’s particularly true when it comes to such outstanding offerings as “That Makes Two of Us,” “Piece of Clay” and “You Can’t Fight Love,” any one of which would likely find Otis Redding or Al Green proud to claim way back in the day.

Each of these tunes resonates, even on first hearing, and it’s a credit to Mattison’s credence that there’s not a weak link in the bunch. Clearly, Mattison needs to step out more often, or better yet, simply opt for a solo stint because it’s obvious he deserves more of his own time in the spotlight. Whether or not there’s any truth to what the title suggests is up for debate, but after only a single listen, one is inclined to agree

DOWNLOAD: “That Makes Two of Us,” “Piece of Clay,” “You Can’t Fight Love,”

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