Miike Snow – Happy To You

January 01, 1970





trio Miike Snow changed their sonic landscape, slightly, from their well
received, self-titled debut. Though an important and equally entrancing part of
their musical equation, the focus of Miike Snow is not lead singer Andrew Wyatt
and his falsetto vocals but the well crafted music he, Christian Karlsson and
Pontus Winnberg have fashioned. Fans of the more hard hitting, thumping sounds
of Miike Snow might be initially
jarred by the plucky, steel-drum-like intro of Happy To You with “Enter The Joker’s Lair.” Though, second track
“The Wave” launches into more familiar sounds it may take a few spins on
“repeat” for Happy To You to find its
nook in your auricular pleasure center.


Miike Snow
successfully incorporated more instruments into the production of this release,
pianos and horns find a place in “Devil’s Work” while an electric harp and
bells make the genteel track “God Help This Divorce” shine. Yet danceable,
stand-out numbers are still prevalent with the upbeat “Pretender” and marching
drums of “Bavarian 1” and “The Wave.” A more subdued release, Happy To You is nonetheless quite
mesmerizing in its methodical and complex layers of music.


DOWNLOAD: “Pretender,” “Bavarian 1 (Say You Will)”

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