MIGHTY MIGHTY – Pop Can! The Definitive Collection 1986-1988

Album: Pop Can! The Definitive Collection 1986-1988

Artist: Mighty Mighty

Label: Cherry Red

Release Date: February 19, 2013

Mighty Mighty



Though Mighty Mighty garnered a fair bit of acclaim in their home of Birmingham, England back in the mid-late 80’s (and were part of the fabled C-86 tape that NME released that year) I didn’t become aware of the band until the 90’s when the Vinyl Japan label began reissuing their stuff and the bands frenetic, jangly sound immediately struck a chord with me and I began turning as many friends onto them as I could. Not sure what happened to the Vinyl Japan label but what better label to release a 2-cd retrospective than Cherry Red.

Pop Can! Is just what it says, a definitive collection that, though it only covers two years crams 36 songs onto these two discs (and shows just how prolific thee band was). This includes all six of the bands singles/eps and the full-length (all of which made the indie charts back in the U.K.). Listening to the songs it’s obvious the band owes at least some debt to Orange Juice and Aztec Camera (The Smiths, too). All of the parts seemed to fit: Hugh McGuiness’ smooth vocals, Mick Geoghegan’s fluid guitar work, that seemingly non-stop keyboard of Mick’s brother Pete and the playful rhythm section of Russell Burton on bass and DJ Hennessy on the drum kit.  Oh and the songs. Give a listen to ace cuts like “Law,” “”Throwaway,” “One Way,” “Lionheart,” “When You Trusted Me,” “Little Winder,” “ “Maisonette’ and too many others.

Add in a booklet that has liners from everyone in the band “(‘cept DJ) and plenty of photos and you’ll wonder why they never got bigger. That’s what I’ve been wondering about all these years.

DOWNLOAD:  “Law,” “”Throwaway,” “One Way,” “Lionheart,” “When You Trusted Me,” “Little Winder,”  “Maisonette”


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