Michelle Shocked – Soul of My Soul

January 01, 1970

(Mighty Sound)



Fiercely independent, an insurgent and entrepreneur,
Michelle Shocked’s always followed the dictates of her conscience.  This album’s no exception, given a double
edged divide that finds her effusing devotion to the love of her life while
also offering an upturned middle finger in memory of America’s last administration. 


Her heartfelt confessional, “True Story,” sung directly to
her lover, is so honest and affecting that when Shocked bursts into tears at
its conclusion, the listener’s swept up in her emotions.  Just as the rollicking, defiant “Ballad of
the Ballot and the Bullet” spews venom towards a nation gone astray, “Other
People,” punctuated by the infectious, ever-repetitive refrain, “I believe we
should see other people,” clearly suggests a break-up ballad until her
admonition she’s singing as “a citizen to country, not woman to a man” alters
the interpretation entirely.  The
swaggering “Love’s Song,” a simmering “Pompeii” and searing “Heart to Heart”
further up the ante.  An album informed
by joy and redemption, honesty and exhilaration, Soul of My Soul sets a standard by which passion might be measured.


Standout tracks: “True Story,”
“Other People,” “Pompeii”


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