MIA DYSON – The Moment

Album: The Moment

Artist: Mia Dyson

Label: The Co-Op

Release Date: April 23, 2013

Mia Dyson



After four albums and an EP, Australian-born California transplant Mia Dyson is still struggling to reach a wider audience. However after hearing the initial notes of “When the Moment Comes,” the lead-off track from The Moment, her impressive new entry, all doubts about her ability to connect are immediately dispelled. The song is assertive, ebullient and stoked with conviction, fuelling the sense that she may be on the cusp of discovery. “You will know what to do when the moment comes,” she sings, and indeed, based on this one song alone, that moment has arrived.

Not surprisingly then, the rest of the set affirms that assessment. “Pistol” resonates with a sway and a swagger. “Tell Me” summons up the spirit of Janis Joplin, and finds Dyson emoting with a slow, steady wail. “Fill Yourself” detours into a funky bluster while the ballads “The Outskirts of Town” and “Two Roads” invoke Leonard Cohen crooning his hallelujahs. Dyson writes all the material and contributes a fair share of the instrumentation, guitar, lap steel and piano included, and with an able assist from her lean but spirited backing band, the arrangements provide the gravitas Dyson’s dogged delivery demands. Taken in tandem, The Moment seems to indicate that in this moment, Dyson’s time has come.

DOWNLOAD: “When the Moment Comes,” “The Outskirts of Town,” “Tell Me”


Current Tour Dates:

May 8 – Mission Bar – Pittsfield, MA

May 9 – Lizard Lounge – Cambridge, MA

May 10 – Pierce’s Inn – Etna, NH

May 11 – Nelson Odeon – Nelson, NY

May 12 – Signal Kitchen – Burlington, VT

May 20 – Zooeys – Ventura, CA

May 21 – Witzend – Venice, CA

May 23 – Strawberry Music Festival – Yosemite, CA (* with James Hunter)

May 26 – Torchfest Festival – Sacramento, CA


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