Mexican Insitute of Sound – Soy Sauce

January 01, 1970




Camilo Lara’s one-man-band way, where Mexicali electro wonk is concerned, has been
duly noted by this writer on so many occasions I feel like I know el presidente of EMI Mexico. But with a
band behind him banging wood blocks and bells throughout Lara’s dense sample
jungle, you can’t help think of this glam slamming sound as a habenero Hot Chip or LCD Soundsystem
with angry onions.


It’s cumbia loud and clear – hmmm, particularly on the song
called “Cumbia.” But there’s a greater sense of Anglo interplay, what with Ad Rock
of the Beastie Boys showing up on “Alocatel,” as well as lots of twists on the
alterna-Latino continuum when guests such as Joselo Rangel (Café Tacuba) come
to swing. But make no mistake: the Institute is Lara’s alone. And it is a
shaking stately manor.


: “Hiedra Venenosa,” “Karate Kid 2,” “Sinfonía
Agridulce” A.D. AMOROSI                         


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